4+ Bronze Highlights New England Rowing Championships

Bronze medal-winning 4+, (L-R) Duuluu Naranbat ‘19, Mateo Vazquez ‘21, Elizabeth Daly ‘21, Will Luff ‘22, Ike Noroge ‘22, Coach Brendan Murphy

Bronze medal-winning 4+, (L-R) Duuluu Naranbat ‘19, Mateo Vazquez ‘21, Elizabeth Daly ‘21, Will Luff ‘22, Ike Noroge ‘22, Coach Brendan Murphy

This weekend marked the opening of Championship season for the Trinity College Men’s rowing team as they battled the top crews in the region at the New England Rowing Championships. Trinity brought 3 crews to the regatta, with entries in the Varsity 8, 2nd Varsity 8, and 2nd Varsity 4. The morning began with a time trial for the 4. The all walk-on crew marched down the shortened time-trial course for a 3rd place finish, earning a spot in the afternoon grand final against UMass Lowell, Bowdoin, Amherst, Wentworth Tech, and Middlebury.

After regatta officials switched the racecourse over from the time-trial setup to six-across racing, the 2nd Varsity 8 went to the line for the 2nd of 3 heats in the event. A frustrating row saw the crew finish 4th, sending them to the petite finals with WPI, Tufts, URI, UConn, and UMass.

The final race before the lunch interval was the 3rd heat in the Varsity 8, where the 4th-seeded Trinity crew lined up next to 3rd-seeded Bates in what was expected to be a dogfight for the preferred lane in the afternoon final. Trinity led the Bobcats by as much as 7 seats in the first few hundred meters of the race, but a surprising UConn crew held the other qualifying position only a few seats back. Bates began to push back into both UConn and Trinity just before the halfway marker, beating Trinity to the 1000-meter mark by about a seat. The Bobcats carried their momentum to the 2nd half of the course while the Bantams increased their lead over the Huskies to secure the other spot in the grand final.

The 4 was first up for the Bantams in the afternoon finals, racing in the grand final at the regatta for the 3rd consecutive year. Lowell and Bowdoin set the pace early on taking a bow-to-stern lead over the Bantams at the 500-meter mark with open water back to the other crews in the field. While Bowdoin and Lowell continued their dogfight all the way down the course, Trinity stayed internal maintained their lead over the rest of the field for the final spot on the podium, crossing the line 6 seconds ahead of Amherst. The crew’s finish gave the team 9 out of a possible 12 points towards in the overall team standings.

In the Bantam’s next race, the 2nd Varsity 8 looked to hit reset after a disappointing showing in their heat dropped the crew to the petite final. Tufts and WPI were the early leaders, with the Bantams and UConn about 7 seats down to the two lead crews. That margin held though the halfway mark, where the Bantam crew began a significant move to pull back several seats from Tufts and WPI in the 3rd quarter of the race. In the final 500 meters, the Bantams were able to move through WPI, edging out the Engineers by half a second for 2nd place in the petite final, good for 8th overall and 12.8 points in the overall team competition.

The Bantams’ capped off the event with the final race of the day, the grand final in the Varsity 8. The race was expected to be competitive with only 4 seconds separating the times of the 6 crews in competitive morning heats, and it did not disappoint. Wesleyan led through 500 meters, but Tufts, Trinity, and Bates were all close behind while a slow-starting Williams crew made its way back into the conversation around 900 meters in. Wesleyan led the field by 7 seats with 500 meters left, followed by Bates, while Wiliams had overtaken the Bantams for 4th by 500 meters and moved into 3rd place ahead of Tufts with 350 left. Down 4 seats to Tufts and 6 seats to Williams with 250 meters left, the Bantams made a move to get through Tufts, finishing a seat ahead of the Jumbos and about 3 seats behind the third-place Ephs. The 4th place finish was good for 29.25 points in the overall team trophy.

The three Bantam crews combined to score 51.05 points in the team competition, finishing as the 6th overall Men’s team. In the competition for the Men’s and Women’s Combined Team Trophy, Trinity finished 7th with 79.20 points.

Replays of all races are available to watch at LocalLive.tv. Heats are in the first video on the page, with the 2nd Varsity starting at 2:53:16 and the Varsity starting at 3:48:20. Grand finals are at the bottom of the page, with the 2nd Varsity 4 at 51:15, the 2nd Varsity 8 at 3:06:05, and the Varsity 8 at 4:01:05.

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